6x9" postcard print comes with description on back.

9x15" mounted and coated and framed print also has a description on the back.


"Woman" portrays two of the most important mothers who ever lived - Eve, the mother of us all, and Mary, the mother of the one who saved us all. It is also a reminder of the divine and glorious role of women in the Plan of Salvation. I painted them together and holding each others hands, because I believe these women knew each other very well in the pre-existence. I believe they were both foreordained to fulfil their important roles on this earth, and they continue to honor and respect each other now.


Every woman has a mission and purpose to fulfil, just as Eve and Mary did. Like Eve, we learn through our experience to discern good from evil and we partner with our husbands to bear and nurture children.

Christ taught us, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" (Matthew 25:40). Therefore, like Mary, any one of us who has given birth to a child or who has performed a motherly act of service for another, has mothered Christ.


The doorway represents the doorway into mortality - which doorway is a woman - and the lace is symbolic of the veil of forgetfulness we must pass through to enter mortality. The top of the doorway is half of a vesica piscis, symbolizing the place where the spiritual and the physical come together.


The trees represent the Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Life. Each tree has 8 main branches, symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. The owl represents wisdom and the dove the peace of the Holy Ghost.


The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge is deep red, representing blood and sacrifice. Without Eve's sacrifice, and the blood sacrifice of every mother afterward, we could not have been born into mortality and have the opportunity to progress. Without the blood sacrifice of Christ, we would have no opportunity for life and progression beyond mortality.  


The moon is symbolic of female fertility and creation.


The brush strokes in the sky remind every woman that although her daily work may seem repetitive, mundane, unappreciated, and messy - every stroke adds paint to the canvas of our lives, and the more love we pour into it, the more beautiful the painting becomes. Like thick brush strokes, the honor, value, and beauty of our role is not easily discernible until we back up and look at the big picture.


The roots represent the source of life, and lineage. They are a visual reminder that we are all the children of Eve, and those of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ are also part of His family.

"Woman" postcard


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