I painted “The Mother of All Living” simply because I felt called by God to do it. Whenever I’ve seen images of Eve, I have wished for her to be pregnant. She must have spent the vast majority of her life expecting a child, and I’ve often wondered why she has never been portrayed this way. I feel that I have gotten to know our first parents and I have gained a personal relationship with them through this work. Eve is portrayed in all her blossoming prenatal beauty, exhibiting that glow that we’ve come to admire from every pregnant mother. She is joyful and reflective, feeling confident and excited, looking heavenward to God in wonder at the imminent emergence of new life from her belly. Adam is all at once supporting and adoring his beautiful wife. He marvels at her sacred and holy ability to grow new life in her womb. He has a strong desire to protect, to provide for and to cherish Eve and this baby. He is masculine and gentle. My hope and intention with this painting is to remind us all what a real family is, as defined by God, by reconnecting us more powerfully to our first parents. I also hope to instill in both men and women a renewed appreciation for their sacred role as fathers and mothers, the priceless value of a loving mother, and the many blessings that can be received through co-creating with God.

The Mother of All Living

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