This painting depicts a modern woman in jeans reaching out to touch Christ’s robe. Christ is so close that He can actually reach out and touch her too. He’s been there waiting for her to reach out to Him. He’s lifting her face to look at his, so they can see eye to eye. Because perhaps she didn’t realize, since she was just reaching for the robe, that He was so close, or that she was allowed to be so close to Him and that she was able to connect with Him so personally in this way. Christ’s look of compassion and tenderness seems to communicate to her, “I’ve been here, within your reach this whole time. I love you! I’m so glad you reached out.” The woman’s face shows awe and wonder and maybe a bit of shock upon discovering that Christ is so near and approachable, because she didn’t realize that before. There’s a glimmer of a tear next to her eye, that speaks of the pain and suffering she has endured, but that pain is diminishing now that she has reached out to her Savior. Through this painting I hope to help others come to understand that Christ is very real and approachable, that He sees you as an individual, and that He’s spiritually close enough to touch by each of us.

The mounted canvas prints are glued to masonite board and ready to frame without glass, and the stretched canvases have gallery wrapped edges and ready to hang without a frame. 

Because of Thy Faith

Option 1

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