Each of these paintings represents a specific chakra, or a specific area of your life.

Red/Root Chakra is titled "Growing Roots"
Orange/Sacral Chakra is titled "Metamorphosis"

Yellow/Solar Plexus Chakra is titlted "Let it Shine"

Green/Heart Chakra is titled "Eternal Love"

Light Blue/Throat Chakra is titled "Express Yourself"

Dark Blue/Third Eye Chakra is titled "Creation Dance"

Purple/Crown Chakra is titled "Daughter of a King"


The 4.25x5.5" chakra cards are printed on a thick cardstock and include affirmations to support each chakra on the back side of every card.


The 8x10 paper prints have no affirmations on the back. 


The canvas prints are a beautiful wrap around, gallery style and do not need a frame.


7 Chakra Set

Option 1

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